Brian Wasmüth – is the founding partner and the current managing director of The Human Capital Group. Brian has extensive experience as a senior and top executive in commerce and industry. His extensive consulting portfolio includes organisation and management consulting, strategy, leadership, executive search, executive coaching, career transition and outplacement as well as general business consulting. His experience, coupled with his honours degrees in the Social Sciences and Business Administration as well as an MBA provides him with a keen intuition to the business requirements of his clients.

Imani Milima-Alexander, an Afro-American lady, until recently was a full partner and director of The Human Capital Group. Imani returned to the USA some months ago and continues her affiliation with The Human Capital Group as an advisory associate partner. She has a long history in the financial services industry with extensive executive experience in its corporate support functions, i.e. strategy, human resources, communication and stakeholder relations, governance, research and development, information technology and finance. Imani holds a degree in economics from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey –Newark in the United States as well as an MBA from the University of Pretoria.

Dr Norman Chorn is a long-standing associate partner of The Human Capital Group. Norman is a strategy and organisation development practitioner with some 25 years of global experience, including Australia, UK, New Zealand, USA and South Africa. Norman, based in North Sydney in Australia, founded The Centre for Corporate Strategy as well as The Brain Link Group in Australia and New Zealand. Besides the teaching that Norman does at GIBS, he works under the banner of and in association with The Human Capital Group in South Africa as well as Sub-Saharan Africa.

Dr. Mike Ellis Smith is a seasoned top executive who’s held senior HR Managementpositions (including HR director) in a number of top corporates in South Africa. He was the founder and managing director of Stratagem Pty Ltdaswell as Amecus Pty Ltd, both organisations integrally involved throughout the Southern African economy in financial management literacy. Mike currently focusses on executive coaching, but as an associate partner, serves in advisory capacity to The Human Capital Group. Mike holds several degrees, including a BA, BA Honours in psychology, a Master’s degree in psychology, an MBA and PhD from the University of London.

Andre Janse van Rensburg, a seasoned corporate executive with a strong human capital management background, has been a long-standing associate partner of The Human Capital Group. Andre has extensive local and International experience. His passion and forte is organizational architecture and business performance improvement. Andre holds a B. Comm (Hons) degree (industrial psychology) from the University of Pretoria and has completed various programs that include System dynamics, performance management and financial and leadership development. He is a serial organization change and development executive.

Siegfried Wasmüth, an executive director in The Human Capital Group, has been a partner in The Human Capital Group since 2005. His focus is executive search, specialist recruitment and general recruitment. Siegfried also provides database, electronic media content and information services input for the group. He holds qualifications in the ICT field and is in the throes of completing graduate studies in counselling and applied psychology.

Virginie Nothard, a seasoned human capital management and leadership development professional is an associate partner of The Human Capital Group. Her focus is executive search and specialist recruitment, leadership development and executive coaching. Virginie is based in Durban and whilst she works throughout South Africa as well as in sub Saharan Africa, represents the interests of The Human Capital Group in KZN.

Bernie (Bernadine) Jacobs is an associate partner of The Human Capital Group with a special focus on executive coaching and life coaching. Bernie has an exciting career history which spans acting, journalism, communications and people management. She holds a BA degree from UCT plus several postgraduate qualifications, including a postgraduate diploma in education, a diploma in speech and drama as well as a postgraduate qualification in psychology.

Jimmy Furstenburg is a seasoned executive who has held senior and top executive positions. Jimmy completed a Social Sciences degree at NMMU, thereafter joining the Firestone Tyre & Rubber Co. SA, fulfilling various roles including labour relations officer, training manager and human resource director. He also fulfilled directorships in Firestone as Export Executive and thereafter Manufacturing Executive. Jimmy has been consulting since 1998 with a special focus on organisation design and turnaround strategy. In the process, during his career spanning 31 years, Jimmy has extensive experience across the full human capital value chain, including the talent management and hence talent acquisition environment.

Liesl Wasmüth is an associate partner in The Human Capital Group. Liesl holds an Honours degree in fine arts from the NMMU in Port Elizabeth. Besides her associate partnership at The Human Capital Group, Liesl’s career to date has focused on landscape design and architecture, interior design and decorating as well as project management in the aforementioned fields. She has been affiliated to The Human Capital Group since 2008 and besides engaging in communications and research activities for the group, she also provides creative input in respect of the company’s activities.


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