Executive coaching, career coaching and life coaching

Our Approach to Coaching

Our approach to executive coaching has its basis in the business objectives of the executive who we are coaching and entails the following:

  • A firm understanding by ourselves of corporate strategy and objectives.
  • A firm understanding by ourselves of this specific objectives and responsibilities of executive who we are coaching.
  • A firm understanding of the organisation structure, the team reporting to the executive and their broad objectives.
  • A firm understanding of critical success factors relating to the particular operation.

Identifying and coaching leadership potential, specifically as it appertains to the achievement of the above business objectives, is our primary expertise. In addition, we are also skilled in dealing with personal and interpersonal issues which may have a positive or negative impact upon the business functioning of an executive.

Whilst the objective of our coaching intervention be the successful functioning of a business executive specifically as it refers to the achievement of his/her business objectives, we are able to address specific leadership and interpersonal and personal issues during our coaching, if required. Our experience invariably is that most coaching interventions entail 3 inputs into the last mentioned areas to a lesser or greater degree, depending on the nature and need to of the individual.